Course Introduction

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This LET4CAP’s free online course introduces learners to foundational topics related to law enforcement capacity building. Such a learning model is best suited for individuals who:

  • Require flexibility in the time needed to complete a course;
  • Have low or limited internet accessibility;
  • Prefer to navigate a learning experience at their own pace and around their own schedule; and
  • Are unable to travel to another location to participate in a course.

The course is structured around lectures, videos, quizzes and tests and is supplemented with recommended resources and knowledge assessments. An auxiliary training tool developed within the project that can be combined with this online course is a series of online booklets on selected priority countries/regions of direct relevance for law enforcement capacity building efforts highlighting the historical, political, socio-economic and legal contexts of third countries. The priority list of countries/regions of focus corresponds to countries/regions where a EU civilian CSDP mission with a core mandate on law enforcement capacity building is deployed. These tools are meant to serve as a practical easy-to use document for officers being deployed to the relevant countries to have a general overview of the main aspects related to the area of operations. The booklets are based on existing knowledge and practice and collect in a single hub useful aspects to be aware of before and during deployment. Their handy format allow the download on any device for an easy read. They can be found at the following link.